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I had no idea when…

Photo Caption: I had no idea when I set up this composition the other night that I would have enough time to shoot over 500 images! I was out in the desert watching @ericparephoto & work their magic but you knew I had to try and work a little of my own! This slot canyon is right next to the place I shot the other image of the MW at Valley of Fire a couple images back; The cameras were back to back about 30 ft from each other. I got my focus on this one, realized I forgot my intervalometer, hiked all the way back to the bags and back to my camera again, got it set up then realized I wanted to do the MW image too. I ended up hiking back and forth at least 15 times I think lol.

I could see people off at FireWave in the distance shooting the sunset and there was at least one car parked near us so I knew at least one group of people would be walking through this slot in the dusk. I actually positioned my tripod precariously on the slanted wall of the slot so that when they walked by they wouldn’t trip on it accidentally. I WISH I had taken a picture of how it was set up; not sure I’ve ever done such a risky one as this lol!

This is 4 images shot and stacked for Noise Reduction in PS. Then this is about 500 images made into a star trail in PS as well. It was a tedious process to put together as I did 100 at a time because that’s all my poor laptop could handle! I did not change the color, only increased the vibrance on the existing colors from the stars.
ISO 2500
15 seconds
500 images stacked in PS
4 foreground images median stacked
Processed in PS & LR
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I had no idea when…

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