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Did a short backpack into…

Photo Caption: Did a short backpack into White Sands National monument and camped out in the dunes with my brother & my niece. @crystal_lee and I did a bunch of photos in her birthday dress-and they came out awesome; can’t wait to share! Thanks for this photo, Crystal.

Camping out in the Dunes was an AWESOME experience. If you ever get a chance to do it, is $3 a person for the camp site, and you’re locked in the park all night. You have to hike the dunes about a mile with your gear but it was really easier than expected because the sand holds together well if there are no prints.

It was so peaceful and silent out there, it was like our own personal playground! I really can’t wait to go back with more time out there. And less clouds!

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Did a short backpack into...

Photo taken at: White Sands Monument National Park NM

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