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I’ve been off the grid…

Photo Caption: I’ve been off the grid the last few days and I have a lot of photos to share from that trip but this was taken the night before I left at Valley of Fire.. I took my buddy @forestcody14 out there to see the Milky Way for his very 1st time.. Needless to say he was blown away.. He was extremely helpful as an assistant, getting my Lume Cubes set up to test and learn how to use before I left the next day. I unfortunately wasn’t thinking of the time of year and what direction the Milky Way would be when we headed out there so I was shooting straight into Las Vegas light pollution and could barely see the Milky Way but i’m still pretty happy with how this came out, including the shooting star that crossed my lens that night. In fact, later on it the evening, I saw the most amazing shooting star I have ever seen in life; one that went across the entire sky and was so bright it left a ghost of a trail for long enough for me to yell to cody to turn around and look and he still saw it for half of the sky.
ISO 2500
20 seconds
11 shots stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for NR
Processed in LR & PS
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I’ve been off the grid…

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