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I took off to the…

Photo Caption: I took off to the California coast for the weekend to explore with @mattcookii … One of our destinations for the weekend was Bowling Ball Beach… We had to do some tide research because these large rocks sit beneath the surface of the water during high tide. Luckily for us, high tide was at 7pm with the water retracting to the lowest tide of the day at 11pm. The “bowling balls” made their full appearance around 9:30pm or so. Unfortunately way too late to catch a blue hour exposure of the foreground; I used a Lume cube (lumecube.com/160.html) to light paint the rocks…

That’s where it gets a little interesting. I stood on top of one of the rocks to the right side with a Lume Cube pointing south. As you know, lights attract bugs and bugs attract bats so I stood there still for 15 minutes as my camera fired off about 30 shots. I was completely in a cloud of insects while bats dive bombed around me. Anything for the shot, right??

I added no color to this image, nor did I increase the saturation. The purple in on the rocks and water is from the color of the Lume Cube light itself..
ISO 2500
25 seconds
7 images stacked for NR in SLS
Processed in LR
Lit by lumecube.com/160.html
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I took off to the…

Photo taken at: Bowling Ball Beach/Schooner Gulch Beach

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