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I have to admit that…

Photo Caption: I have to admit that this image was inspired by the image done by @Sean_Ensch_Images earlier this year.. I don’t feel that it holds a candle to that one; his was eerie and captivating and had a person in it to show the scale of the location.. When I saw this pool though, that image immediately popped into my head.

In all of my images from that night- all I really cared about was getting significant reflections from the pools as I shot around White Pocket. We camped at the base of White Pocket so it was easy to come back to eat and grab stuff while we were shooting that night.

Someone mentioned the other day the green air glow in the image I had posted on a previous image. So when I edited this, I didn’t change out the white balance from the auto that I shot it at. All I did was increase the vibrance of the existing colors already in the sky. As you can see, there is STILL green air glow in the image…
ISO 2500
25 seconds
11 images stacked for NR in SLS
Processed in LR & PS
Lit by a single Lume Cube- check them out at my link: LumeCube.com/160.html
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I have to admit that…

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