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I made my way out…

Photo Caption: I made my way out to Alabama hills after 2 days in the Mono Lake area. @mr_awesome717_photography @KaylaRain and rory were heading out to meet me from Vegas for the final 3 days of the trip. After meeting up with my friends, they followed me back to the parking area for Lady Boot just coming up on blue hour. I was rushing so much I walked out there with all of my gear, sans camera. Take 2, and I had my camera and all my gear set up for the alignment on Lady Boot I knew would be there soon after dusk.
I started shooting for stacking for noise reduction. I had tried stacking for the 1st time earlier that week and I had somehow failed miserably at it. But, I love the results of a noise stacked image so I have been shooting images for that purpose for weeks. I had bought Starry Landscape Stacker based on Joshua Snow ‘s tutorials on the subject. I knew I would figure it out eventually. After shooting a while, a guy appears out of the dark.
His name was Ralph and he was on a 10 day Milky Way journey from San Jose Ca. We all talked about shooting because it’s what we love to do and he goes, you should stack your images. And to that I said, I’m shooting to do that now. He asks, what are you using to do your stacking to which is respond, well i’m new at it and I haven’t figured it out yet but I am using Starry Landscape Stacker.

The guy yells out, “YES!” and does a little celebratory dance; Dan and I looked at each other in the dark, bewildered. And then Ralph proceeds to tell us that it’s the first time he’s run into photographers in the field using the software that he created. HE was the creator of the software that I had purchased to stack images! lol What are the chances?

So here is my first successful image using Starry Landscape Stacker. I’m pretty happy with the noticeable difference in noise and results! PS: i’m not paid to endorse the product, I just think it’s an amazing coincidence and cool friggin story! It’s definitely a cool product… .


4 Images Stacked using Starry Landscape Stacker
ISO 2500


25 seconds

Tokina USA 11-16 2.8

Slik USA tripod

Processed in LR PS & SLS


I made my way out…

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