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This is shot is looking…

Photo Caption: This is shot is looking down into the final rappel of Pine Creek in @ZionNPS last week. Now many of you may not find this to be a captivating image, but this is the type of view that absolutely electrifies me. I have so much passion for the walls that have been carved out by water for Tens and hundreds of thousands of years; their sinewy curves have me spellbound. They have me constantly searching to see the next one and the next one; each one having their very own quirks and characteristics. Some slot canyons are quite similar to one another but I feel like they are never exactly the same. If you have never experienced one, please, you must do it, if only to feel the humility and excitement I do when I am deep in the folds of these natural works of art. .
ISO 1250
1/250 SEC
Inside my DicaPac waterproof camera case
Processed in Lightroom
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This is shot is looking…

Photo taken at: Zion National Park

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