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My camera last week…. (Don’t…

Photo Caption: My camera last week…. (Don’t try this at home!!)
Adventuring sometimes means things happen to your camera you don’t want them to. In this case my shutter button got sand in it and was stuck forever taking photo after photo as long as it was turned on. Sending off my camera is quick but repairing it myself is usually quicker. so I went online for ideas and there are some stupid YouTube videos about pouring rubbing alcohol into your battery compartment to get to your shutter button. The shutter button is COMPLETELY a separate part of the camera and none of that rubbing alcohol will reach it! I ended up ordering a new top cover and having it overnighted to me. .
NOTE: this is a repair I have done successfully in the past on one of my 7d’s. .
I received the top cover, put on my anti static wrist strap to ensure I didn’t zap my camera into oblivion, then removed all the screws, making sure to keep groups together and in order. The LCD wire from the back of the camera to the camera itself snapped a single filament the minute I separated the two. I HOPED that that single filament wouldn’t affect it but I was wrong. I quickly finished switching out the top cover and put my camera back together successfully. The shutter was working!!! But the LCD was not. .
I started researching that single wire harness replacement and it was 140 bucks!! Luckily my friend @Spdstress saved the day with a canon contact who overnighted the part I needed (Lcd and wiring harness) and I got it, and repaired it literally 5 minutes before I left on my Milky Way trip to Lake Powell and rainbow bridge. .
Thank you rose, and my canon angel!! You guys saved me from having to wifi from my phone to see the pics or just going completely old school and having no lcd like the good old days! .
#camerarepair #canon70d #canon #dontrythisathome #photographerproblems #photographerprobs

My camera last week…. (Don’t…

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