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I will preface this by…

Photo Caption: I will preface this by saying I had every intention of making this Timelapse on Saturday night. I was even there in time to have started it earlier than I did and I didn’t, lol. We took my friend’s boat all the way to Lake Powell from Vegas on Friday, shot the MW on Friday night and dropped the boat on Saturday morning. It took us most of the day to get where we wanted to explore and make it to Rainbow Bridge. All those hours in the 100 degree + heat have a way of stealing your soul and motivation. Food seemed to be a better answer and then when it came to lighting the arch, I had such an issue with getting in right I was about ready to give up. Thank you to @kittenbear for helping me find the perfect angle for my @lux_pro_flashlights!
I also had brought two bodies and tripods with; one to Timelapse and one to shoot normal. I set up my camera for pics, and then just grabbed an intervalometer for it, and it became my Timelapse. I knew that the composition I had was the one I wanted for both, and I was just tired, lol. So I set it, knowing damn well I I didn’t have enough time to get the full Timelapse i wanted and then fell asleep on the rock next to it. Sarah and @ray.ward2 both also fell asleep at different points of shooting, and our 3 other friends who came along for the ride fell asleep waiting. We got back to the boat at the dock at about 2am I think?? Needless to say, in spite of my laziness, I am quite happy with the composition I got out of 207 images shot on Saturday night… .
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I will preface this by…

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