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This is the 2nd composition…

Photo Caption: This is the 2nd composition I got on Friday night while out Milky Way chasing w/ @catasco! .
We had headed about 1.5 hrs away from Vegas to the town of Tecopa and went in search (in the dark) of things we could shoot. We happened upon this truck as we entered into the main part of Tecopa (don’t blink, you might miss it!) but the mountain you see in the background was going to block out view of the Milky Way for the next couple hours at least. So we we looking for the shack in the previous photo before coming back here on out way out of town. .
We knew the weather was quickly changing as we started shooting. The wind started howling and dark clouds were rolling up behind us. I seriously thought there was a dust devil brewing to our right so we didn’t spend more than maybe 8 exposures here before packing up and heading home. Due to the street light, we didn’t have to light up the truck although Christian did use a flashlight and a gel to light paint the other side of it. .
I left Tecopa a happy camper knowing I had gotten at least 2 good shots for the evening!

This is the 2nd composition…

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