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I had a speeding ticket…

Photo Caption: I had a speeding ticket in Bishop, a city 5 hrs away from where I live. I had to go fight it so I turned the trip into a Milky Way adventure!
I left Vegas about 830pm on a Monday night and made the journey to Mono Lake. All of my trips have always been with at least one other person so being by myself among the tufas I have to admit was a little weird. .

I arrived as the Milky Way was stretching herself across the dark sky. There wasn’t a lot in the way to block my view and she was brilliantly twinkling that night. It was really cold out and I had dressed warmly but forgotten my gloves. Also, as I was shooting I started hearing coyotes howl at each other across the lake. I probably did about 5 or 6 different compositions before heading back to my car to nap till sunrise. This was one of the last images I took that night.
ISO 3200
30 seconds
Processed in Lightroom
Lit with a small LED panel on low from the left side
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I had a speeding ticket…

Photo taken at: Mono Lake

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