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When shooting the Milky way,…

Photo Caption: When shooting the Milky way, there are so many things you have to take into consideration. Light pollution, time of year, weather, composition, your equipment, lighting… A lot of people said “it’s not Milky Way season” as I headed out to @archesnps this week. I will agree with people to an extent. March is just a lot harder and takes more effort but doesn’t mean you can’t do it!
I shot this from #northwindow on Wed night (Thursday morn) at 3am, the 2nd night I was there. I was already discouraged from the 7 hrs I spent in the cold the night before to only be frustrated by the clouds and the diffused light from Moab as a result of them. Not giving up, I went to check it out anyways knowing that the Galactic center would be low in the sky. I didn’t get the center but I’m not sad about the images I shot!
ISO 2000
30 seconds
Processed in Photoshop

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When shooting the Milky way,…

Photo taken at: Arches National Park

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