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So I like to shoot…

Photo Caption: So I like to shoot guns. A lot. But im not doing this without getting trained in all facets of using a hand gun as you can see from my training earlier this week. So I’m taking some upcoming classes with @pfc_training in early November and I invite any of my friend’s to check out the curriculum and join me. I’m especially looking forward to Low Light Engagements and Movement Under Fire! .

Check out all the course info at and let me know what classes you want to take. I’m not sure if I’m taking the whole series or not, but plan on at least the two I mentioned above! .

#LasVegas #Vegas #gunsafety #pfctraining #handguns #girlswhoshoot #girlsandguns #gun #guns #girlswithguns #Vegaslocals #weaponstraining #gunlife

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