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Crazy to say, but I…

Photo Caption: Crazy to say, but I have recently become a #Doterra Wellness Advocate. Why is that crazy you ask? Because I’m the person that usually runs from any type of Multi level Marketing company. But I have come to love the products and know that they are incredible alternatives to pharmaceuticals. It’s been about 2 weeks since I have taken my allergy meds that I can’t live without here in Las Vegas. Instead, I have been smelling peppeprmint essential oil any time I have been suffering. And this has cleared up my sinuses. I also diffuse it in my room at night. .

@stokeslv & I went and got Aroma Touch Therapy certified a couple weeks ago and that’s an amazing experience to bring your body back into homeostasis and detoxify you. Its a very light touch somewhat like having your back lightly tickled till you fall asleep. .

I’m not bringing this up to try and sell you on the products. I’m just mentioning it so you know that I am a resource for questions as well as ordering it if you need. I sold myself on it ironically. Lol .

I am curious to hear anyone else’s life changing experiences with essential oils? .

#essentialoils #doterra #peppermint #aromatouch #aromatouchtechnique #aromatouchtherapy #lavender #wellnessadvocate #ididnttakethispic
NOTE: I did not take the above photo!

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