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Yesterday was nothing short of…

Photo Caption: Yesterday was nothing short of awesome! My friend Bryan convinced me to do The Maze, one of the hardest canyons that Vegas has to offer, & one of my bucket list canyons that you need a wet suit (we didn’t need one yesterday) to navigate through most parts of the year. 23 rappels deep. I am pretty out of shape and was also worried that my injuries that are slowly getting better, would hinder me. Other than the approach on which I was pretty slow, I killed this canyon! I stemmed across the 100 ft channel because I didn’t feel like swimming it, I handled a ton of very awkward starts no problem, and at 9pm after the 195ft rappel, I navigated our group out of the crazy down climbs and found the Ice Box canyon trail in the dark. Our group was 11 people deep so it took us 14+ hours to finish the canyon but we all worked together well, no one got injured, and had such an awesome time hanging out together all day! Yeah I’m bragging – yesterday was epic! Tons of photos to come! .

Thank you to Bryan for putting this incredible group of people together and leading us safely through Ice Cube Canyon/The Maze. .

I wore my @virusintl compression gear through the canyon which made it so easy to move around in the difficult spots!
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