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I thought I was done…

Photo Caption: I thought I was done hiking for at least a couple weeks but the chance to do the Subway at Zion top down presented itself last minute and I could say no to this canyon that’s been on my list for a while. While from bottom up it is very beautiful, nothing compares to how awesome it was canyoneering into the iconic place from the top down. I think there were at least 3 swimmers in spite of the low water level. This was my 1st canyon since reinjuring myself &only 2nd since my injury in end of march. .

Thank you to Bryan for both the invite as well as this photo; I decided to do some yoga in one of the cascades along the trail. .

Thank you to @Virusintl for my super functional, compression gear. I wear it in canyons almost a hundred percent of the time! .

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