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Got up at 7am to…

Photo Caption: Got up at 7am to work on my car – somehow the spark plug blew out the ignition coil and disappeared. .

Last night, I got a flashing check engine light and a funny noise as I was passing a semi on a 2 lane Rd on my way to Palm Springs. I googled it and it said that my car was misfiring and to pull over because it could potentially be really bad. My car starting shaking as I was pulling over into a safe area off the road. I was 10 miles east of Lucerne Valley which is pretty remote but because of yesterday’s fire on the 15, was really busy with cars. I called @po1sonr3lik in Hersperia to see if I could get it towed to his shop, Auto Trend Motorsports till the next day when I could get a hold of a mechanic. He suggested I call my insurance to see if they covered towing,which they did partially but it took about 2.5 hours again because of the fire with all the tow trucks super busy. I was of course busy posting on social media and my buddy @caliloverboy hit me up and we discussed the situation with my car. He suggested I get a new spark plug &ignition coil in the morning to see if the threads for the plug were still good. I had my car towed to @joestevensonmma’s house &his friend was going to come check out my car today. .

I got all the parts early this morning and went to work; luckily for me, the threads are still there, my car started no problem and im ready to get back on the road again. I fixed it! .

Thank you to Tony, Joe Daddy, & Isaac for all of your help; I am super lucky that I don’t have replace the head on my car! What could have been thousands of dollars to fix ended up being $170 including parts and part of the tow the ins company didn’t cover! .

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