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Hiking Spooky Canyon in Las Vegas

Hiking Spooky Canyon in Las Vegas

Hiking Spooky Canyon in Las Vegas

Hiking Spooky Canyon in Las Vegas- Vegas has very few true slot canyons and this is my 2nd of 3 that I know of… There are a few slots tucked away in Red Rock but they are only a few feet long.. I found out about this one and chose a day that wasn’t too hot (96 degrees) to hike it with my friend, Bianka.. It is located just on the AZ side of the Hoover Dam (so it’s not TRULY Las Vegas) and is only .25 a mile off the road. I made a U-Turn at the turn off for White Rock Canyon trailhead which is the parking area used for the famous Gold Strike Hot Springs hike. This parking area is closed due to the Gold Strike hike being so dangerous this time of year and people dying I believe.. After you make the u-turn, you pull off after the long guard rail as far off the road as you can. There’s a space there like it’s made for a car. You walk along the guard rail going east I think, and you’ll see some tiny foot paths worn which will take you to a fence you can easily climb under. The wash to the slot starts right here and within moments you will be in it. The entire hike is just over a mile long, and it’s about 10-15 degrees cooler in the slot. I left frozen bottles of water on the seat in my car, and we brought a bunch of cold water with us as well. It was a fun, short, little adventure with some cool pics… Google Spooky Canyon AZ for better directions to this location!

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