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Yesterday was heartbreaking. Tasha was…

Photo Caption: Yesterday was heartbreaking. Tasha was so sick when I woke and I took her to the vet and they said they could run tests but she was already so far gone. She wouldn’t sleep with me the night before like normal; I think she didn’t want me to see her like that. I made the decision and yesterday at 12:30 I had her put to sleep. I bawled my eyes out all morning but I was pretty well together even when I was there with her, holding her till she went quietly to sleep. She didn’t see me even though she was wide awake. I was there the day she was born, and the day she died and it was such a wonderful 16 years. I was with friends all day and it really helped.. .

Thank you to all you wonderful friends of mine who messaged, called and texted me- it was an incredible outpouring of LOVE that I really didn’t expect.. Almost every single person who has ever met tasha or lived with her had been in touch. She was such a quirky personality; from her fascination with my bikinis, to her special “bikini” meow, to her eating plastic, to her constant need for love and attention from everyone who entered her realm. Oh, and she LOVED being in photoshoots! .

I named her Natasha because it spelled ah, Satan backwards.. She was such a crazy kitten lol. I used to say I brought the Sin Kitty to Sin City..I also used to say “My cat Tasha has a house in Vegas; I just stay with her sometimes.” I am bummed that’s no longer true. .

I went to put together an album of photos today so I have all her pics in one place and I can’t believe over the last 5 years I had 13 PAGES of posts on my website about her.. it was great for me to go down memory lane on on this. .

I miss you already, Tasha.. Thank you for being such an amazing and incredible best friend; I’ll never forget you.. .

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