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The tears on her cheek…

Photo Caption: The tears on her cheek glittered like a trail of diamonds; multifaceted in their own way, each beckoning and sparkling by the light of the rising full moon. When he gazed deeply into her eyes, it was not tears of sorrow or pain he saw there, but tears of joy, passion, & desire. The parting of the sun had left an array of colors across the sky as if a painter’s palette had been thrown against the wall in a fit of anger and it reflected back in each and every single tear. He continued to look at her, drinking up the beauty he saw rising from within; not wanting to release her gaze as if by doing so, the moment would be lost forever.


3 shot handheld HDR processed in Photomatix

ISO 100
F 5.0
1/80 sec
1/320 sec
1/20 sec


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The tears on her cheek…

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