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So I had a chance…

Photo Caption: So I had a chance to fulfill a bucket list item yesterday and I want to thank @laurainlv & @chelcbailey for joining me and helping me to do this.. I think everyone who has ever seen a photo of Reflection Canyon has fallen in love with it, but due to it’s remoteness, very few have been there to see it and/or photograph it. It’s a 5 hour drive from Vegas, followed by 2 more hours (55 miles) on a dirt road. Then you hike 9 to 10 miles over varied terrain with absolutely no trail. You also have to take into consideration the water level in the lake which is by history lowest in March and April. The weather was also threatening thunder storms which in some cases, may make the dirt road impassable and the hike itself pretty hard to do. We were very fortunate that the weather held out most of the day making the hike a lot cooler for us, and more bearable as a result.
Currently, I am nursing a sprained ankle from a few weeks ago. I have been cautiously testing it out to see its ability to hike and as long as I go steady and cautiously, I can handle it. This hike put me to the test and about 7 miles in I was dying (my shoes were bothering my feet for some reason), wondering how I would ever make it miles 9-18 coming back from Reflection Canyon. I think seeing this incredible sight gave me my 2nd wind and heading back I handled myself just fine. It was in the last hour of the hike that the skies opened up and began a downpour.

This was on my list of places to see this summer and I am very fortunate to have been able to do it. Thank you to Laura & Chel-C for being such awesome support and hiking partners. Me & Chel-C were reppin’ our @virusintl! Stay tuned as I have a bunch of photos to share!! #hiking #canyoneering #reflectioncanyon #appletv #michaelmelford #escalante #slotcanyon #lakepowell #tracylee #tracyleephotography #virusintl #virusinternational

So I had a chance…

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