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Lol what I go through…

Photo Caption: Lol what I go through for some of my photos!
By @mstracylee “Here is the chimney downclimb that i ended up rolling my ankle in on Monday. This was the 1st down climb of the day and in my head I thought I used the handline offered to me part of the way down but I clearly didn’t as you can see from the pic. I am guessing this chimney was about 20ft long and I slipped near the bottom w/less than 5 ft to go. .

I couldn’t tell immediately whether I had hurt it bad or I could just shake it off so i just continued on as if I was fine. There was really no other option unless i wanted to wait 11 hours till after dark when my group finished the canyon &then sent back help. That wasn’t an option in my head and anyways, I WANTED to do the canyon, no matter what. .

Note to self: use the handline offered as a back up to avoid injury! .

I can’t wait to be healed up so I can head to Utah and start hitting some of the canyons there! Thank you Bob Dunn, Ray & Dianne Atkins, & Brian Aitcheson for including me on this adventure! Photo by Ray Adkins! .

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Lol what I go through…

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