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I’m a big fan of…

Photo Caption: I’m a big fan of #HDR photography if done right. When I first started, I over cooked every thing thinking that was what you had to do. I find that the general public actually enjoys that look. Now I prefer to pull the details out of the shadows and make photos that would otherwise be impossible come to life. .

For those of you who don’t know what hdr does, take this photo for example. If I had taken this in a single shot, I would have had to have chosen to expose for the chair or for the sky. Had I chosen the chair, the sky would have come out white in the photo. Had I chosen then sky, you probably would not have been able to see the chair as it would have fallen into the shadows of the exposure. HDR & your imagination allows you to choose both to expose! You can of course choose a happy medium and then edit to achieve this affect but then all you are doing is “HDR style” editing Lol. .

I took this photo at Nelson’s landing which is a fun and fantastic location just outside of Vegas. Every single time I go there-they have changed the layout of everything and brought in new things to shoot around or against. It’s definitely a photographer’s playground. .

Thank you for checking out my photography Instagram. I enjoy photography so much and I feel I don’t spend enough time on it like I used to. Hoping that with your help, likes and encouragement I will find my way back to the fold. 🙂 .

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I’m a big fan of…

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