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Are you following my photography…

Photo Caption: Are you following my photography instagram?
By @tracyleephotos “Can you believe this is Las Vegas? This was on the approach hike to Old Bill Canyon on Monday morning. This was at about 730 am, less than a hour before I sustained my ankle injury that has me currently laid up at home lol. That is the Las Vegas Strip you see off in the distance. .

I shot this photo as a 3 exposure hand held HDR: .

ISO 400
1/160 sec
1/640 sec
1/40 sec .

Processed in Photomatix & Lightroom .

Note: I didn’t mean to shoot this HDR at 400 ISO. I was back and forth with what I was shooting and only had moments to snap this off before continuing on the hike. I would have preferred to shoot this at 100 with lower shutter speeds. .
” via @PhotoRepost_app

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