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These are the non technical…

Photo Caption: These are the non technical hikes on my bucket list for this year. Clockwise starting top left they are Buckskin Gulch, Havasupai Falls, The Wave, and Reflection Canyon. I have a permit for Buckskin Gulch which is in the top ten most dangerous hikes in the US, Havasupai Falls is reserved all the way to Nov so that’s gonna be a luck thing, the Wave is also going to be based on luck and Reflection Canyon I have to do before end of April. .

Although these are non technical (no rappelling) they are not easy or short hikes by any means. I’m super excited to see how many I pull off this year. Think you have what it takes to join? .

None of these photos were taken by me. Next time you see me post about them they will have been! .. #bucketlist #buckskingulch #havasupaifalls #reflectioncanyon #thewave #coyotebutte #adventureismydrug #hiking #travelchannel #travellife #adventures #TracyLee #MsTracyLee #livealifeworthliving

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