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Im lying in bed, trying…

Photo Caption: Im lying in bed, trying to get up. I have bruises on all parts of my body-probably the most I’ve had in years. I can’t believe I don’t have broken ribs, but damn if sneezing & coughing doesn’t hurt right now. Ive been pushing my body to the limit which is crazy because a little over a year ago I could barely sit up in bed without a ton of pain from my back. It was to the point that every activity I did was always in question. .

Fast forward to now and you can’t get me to stop; I’ve been snowboarding &canyoneering as if my life depends on it! .

#makingmemories #livealifeworthliving #canyoneering #snowboarding #travellife #travelchannel #partsunknown #adventures #adventure #adventureismydrug

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