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This is my 7th photo…

Photo Caption: This is my 7th photo in the black and white photo challenge from @sobekSemper that was supposed to end at 5, lol. .

A number of the mornings of my trip to @tigermuaythai in Thailand, I headed over to @atmanjai to do yoga with @oceanbloom. Atmanjai is located at friendship beach resort and after each session I would relax on their patio and enjoy the view. .

Sometimes it was high tide, and sometimes it was at low tide such as you see here. Both were equally beautiful but this was most interesting for photos. .

This photo was taken at 9 am with a very high aperture to be able to see the sun’s rays. I was always entertained by the land locked boats at low tide. The shallow water extends out for so long that this was a common occurrence all over the island. And I love the way the shadows cast in my direction. .

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This is my 7th photo…

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