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Such a random night! I’m…

Photo Caption: Such a random night! I’m hanging out at my friend’s condo in downtown LA. I’m chillin’ on the couch checking out my instagram when my girl @missyeru posts a picture of the view our the window of the party she’s at. I look at the picture, look out the window of the condo, then back at the picture. It was almost the exact same view!! She was at a party 4 stories above me in the penthouse! She came down&hung out as I got ready and then we headed upstairs to the White party going on; in spite of not having a white outfit to wear. .

I am still at this party as I post this after having eaten a burger (a guy here randomly ordered 20 burgers and fries) and appropriated a Christmas tree w/ @slava_drop & @missyeru. Slava didn’t stop at one tree though, and took another so I have affectionately dubbed him, “The Grinch”. Although he’s way too happy to be a grinch. I had a really great time tonight! .

#Christmasparty #whiteparty #thegrinch #stoleChristmas #dtla #thewatermark #xmas #losangeles #downtownlosAngeles #penthouse #serendipity #missyeru #cosplay #random

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