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Lol jef… Glad that my…

Photo Caption: Lol jef… Glad that my follower count adjusted this am. I had tried out an auto POST liker app for one month and it seemed like I was gaining followers from it. Turns out the app was giving me fake followers to make it seem like it was working-about 1k total. As soon as I saw what it was doing, I stopped using it and tried to block as many of the followers I could which was very tedious. Today IG fixed that for me! So if you get a like from me, it’s legit! Lol this is why I also suggested to people-if you feel you NEED to buy followers, only buy a VERY small amount just to get your account started to help you get a real follower base that takes over . .
By @obeyjef “Vegas #hypesters be like …. last week 45k #followers & 15 likes… Today 900 followers & 15 likes… Looks like you’re back to being normal

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