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Photo Caption: If you enjoy this photo, please tag a friend! .

Visiting Cambodia was one of the highlights of my trip which I know sounds weird considering how many cool places I went. But, it was a bucket list item and I was excited to check it off and it fully lived up to expectations! .

This is Ta Prohm, otherwise known as the Tomb Raider temple where they filmed the movie with Angelina Jolie. This tree to me is iconic and I have seen it in many photos as well as video games and movies. I had to get a photo of this tree, unfortunately to my disappointment they had built a platform around it with a fence that made photos difficult. I understand it’s in the interest of preserving the ruins but it ruined the photo in my mind’s eye! No matter, it was still a pleasure to be able to see it in person, up close. .

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If you enjoy this photo,…

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