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Here’s the 4 th photo…

Photo Caption: Here’s the 4 th photo of my black and white photo challenge from @sobekSemper!

On Saturday after I met up w/ my girl @lifebyleeah in Bangkok, we walked about half a mile to the Lumpinee Metro station. 20thb bought us tickets to the Hua Lamphong station about 3 stops away. .

As we exited the station (which ironically seemed to be the cleanest part of Bangkok), a tuk Tuk driver was posted up waiting for his next fair which quickly became us. He suggested we take the river to get to the temples we wanted to see on our short stay in the capital city and offered us a ride to the boat dock for only 50thb (less than 2 bucks!) We entered an area that was filled with many colored Tuk Tuks as we pulled into the dock. I quickly changed my settings and snapped this photo before he handed us off to some tour operators. .

It was at this moment that we realized that if someone in Bangkok offers you a price that’s too good to be true, it more than likely is, lol. The tour operators were trying to get over 3,000thb (a little less than $100) out of us to float down the river and give us no time to see the sites we wanted to see. We walked away having learned a lesson. I glad I at least have this “view from a tuk Tuk” photo to share with you! .

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Here’s the 4 th photo…

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