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By @tracyleephotos “I would like…

Photo Caption: By @tracyleephotos “I would like to preface this post by saying I love this woman. I loved her from the moment she walked into my line of site at the ferry terminal in Ao Nang on Tuesday, with her hunched over back and her deliberate, slow gait. I loved her when she sat down and in spite of her tearing eyes and cataracts, her amazement in the life around her. I loved her as I studied the lines in her face which are truly road maps that tell a very long but what must be a happy story of her life. Or perhaps she is a woman, so incredibly strong that in spite of a tumultuous past, finds beauty and happiness in her life every day. .

When I saw this woman, this Thai woman whom I will never forget, I blurted to @lifebyleeah, “I love her!” And so captivated I was this woman’s beauty, I almost forgot to capture it, to immortalize it.. When I finally thought about it, I quickly changed lenses on my camera, took a couple test shots of a ferry worker, and then shot about 5 photos of this women. I knew I had my next subject for my b&w photo challenge from @matt Semper but had no idea that I would walk away so emotionally vested in her. .

The woman walked away with her slow pace when her daughter came to grab her. They didn’t go far so I was hoping they would be on the ferry w/us so that I could try to communicate to her daughter to explain how beautiful I thought she was; perhaps find out how many years young as well. Then things got chaotic and I was disappointed, perhaps even heart broken as I wandered the aisles of the 2 hr boat ride back to Phuket and she was nowhere to be seen. She was out of my life as quickly as she was brought into it; I am thankful for the few photographs I have to remember her by. I really hope you find her beauty as fascinating as I do. .

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