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By @tracyleephotos “Day 3 of…

Photo Caption: By @tracyleephotos “Day 3 of my B&W Photo Challenge from @SobekSemper. When I am done, do I call someone out?? .

I took this photo on Saturday as my girl @lifebyleeah and I wandered around the grounds of the Grand Palace. This was all a part of our visit to see Wat Phra Kaew, considered the most sacred and impressive Buddhist temple in all of Thailand. It’s a photographers dream other than the fact that there are SO many tourists there I spent much of my time looking and shooting up. .

I can’t pretend to understand the conventions of the Buddhist Monks, and this is no different. But as I came around a corner, I spotted these two young members of the order. I leaned in to shoot a few photos of them but they seemed to get shy. As I was doing so, a woman and her daughter turned to me and asked in very clear English, “They would like to know why you want to shoot photos of them.” To which I responded without hesitation, “I find them incredibly handsome and captivating.” I meant this truly. She then replied, “they are identical twins.” Lisa had already commented on that fact; it just confirmed her statement. As we watched the interaction with this woman and the two young men, we realized that this must be their mother as she was proudly leading them around the temple. .

In retrospect I wonder if they actually cared why I was taking their photo, or was it the proud mother wondering why I would take photos of her sons. Either way, in spite of their shyness this became one of my favorite photos of that day. .” via @PhotoRepost_app

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