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As my trip to @tigermuaythai…

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Photo Caption: As my trip to @tigermuaythai comes to a close – I reflect on all of the adventures I have had in the last 4 weeks. Part of my adventures were made possible because I rented a scooter from TKO Car &Bike Ltd inside the Tiger Muay Thai front office. .

Thank you to Robin & Kiki for taking care of me this month; I’d heard horror stories about foreigners renting bikes so it was nice to go to someone I trusted and didn’t have to worry about scamming me. Riding a bike made me realize that it’s not as scary as I thought-that this is a culture that understands and is conscientious of the 2 wheel vehicles on the road. I had to stay VERY aware at all times but in the end it really have me a ton of freedom! .

Thank you to @sobekSemper for taking this photo! .

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