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Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek- So as of late, I have been taking a ton of hikes and tons of pictures while out on said hikes and a ton of pictures on said hikes. A little over a week ago, Charity Faith, Scotty Warren and I headed out to Utah with no destination or detour in mind. We had originally planned on hiking Water Canyon which rests on the border of Utah and Arizone SE of St George Utah. Well since Water Canyon has a slot canyon on the hike, and it’s not safe to hike slot canyons during inclement weather, we decided to save it for another weekend. So as we made our way up towards Zion, we had no destination in mind so I sat in the back seat of Charity’s Fiat and scrutinized our options.

I came across a number of hikes but I wanted something about 5 miles no more than moderately strenuous, and was not a slot canyon because of the questionable weather. I settled on the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek which was a hike 2 exits off the freeway prior to the incredible Kanarraville Falls hike. I showed Charity and Scotty pictures I had seen online, and they were open to it, so that’s where we headed..

The hike is located in Kolob Canyon which is the West Side of Zion National Park with it’s own entrance and fee station. It doesn’t connect to the main part of the park; it is 42 miles away. We used my season pass to enter the park and decided to take the entire 5 mile scenic drive before getting underway with the hike.

Well, going during questionable weather was a plus for us this day. We got some amazing photos of the clouds rolling over the mountains into the canyons as you can see here. We got some fun pictures and enjoyed the incredible breeze before heading back to the 2 mile marker for the hike..

Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

I have a habit of freezing water bottles now and so we took some of those out and left them to melt in the car for when we got back from the hike. The rest we loaded on us and then followed the signs to the trail. Most of the trails I have been on lately have been almost nonexistent so it was pretty nice to see how well maintained this particular one was throughout. I would say about 3/4 of the hike was on a well maintained trail. The rest was through the creek up and over rocks and boulders.

Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

We passed a number of beautiful spots for photos and crossed back and forth over Taylor Creek a number of times. We passed a couple old log cabins that were built over 100 years ago. The destination on this hike was a HUGE double arch alcove with incredible colors from the sand stone, water, and moss. But the hike didn’t stop there; we continued on a short ways past it into a tiny slot like space with a waterfall!

Hiking Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

This hike was easy to moderate and I feel that almost anyone I know could handle it.. Definitely worth the trip!! Hope you enjoy the photos!

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