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ATTENTION! I want everyone to…

Photo Caption: ATTENTION! I want everyone to know that this is not my style! I didn’t sell this pic to @TMZ, they stole it from me. I don’t care what’s going on-I take photos with the TRUST of all the fighters and am upset because this makes me look like I am paparazzi and I am not. All the fighters know they can ask me not to post a photo or take one down and I do it. There have been other situations where stories have come out and I have taken down pics (at no one’s request but my own) because the story didn’t need misconstrued fuel for the fire- I did this before to avoid TMZ! The last thing I expected was them to find this photo at the back of a Bellator album. .

I’m very sad about the situation w/ Christy and Jon. Ironically, I am of the same thoughts on this as TMZ. I believe that there’s more than meets the eye in this story and this picture has a lot to do with those thoughts. .

I hope that both sides get a fair chance to tell their story. Sad that a certain bounty hunter is using this high profile case for his own gain. .

Thank you @mikekarpenko
For bringing this to my attention! .

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