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I caught @amandalucasmma kissing a…

Photo Caption: I caught @amandalucasmma kissing a camel! .
I took a big group out to @roosnmore on Sunday for a 2 hour tour and boy did we have a blast. I am now a huge favorite of the otter, where I never even thought of them as cute or cuddly! (I know in the wild they are not) Thank you to everyone who came with, we donated DOUBLE the normal amount to take the tour and the Zoo is very appreciative. And we extra tipped our tour guide, Dave, who I learned is is an unemployed #USAF #Veteran! I hope that everyone in the group feels good about helping out this past weekend, every little bit helps from the monetary donation to all the food and water we all brought!! I was especially excited that Mojito (the baby monkey) totally seemed to remember me!
Anyone interested in helping out and going to visit the zoo, please let me know!
You can check out all the photos of the fun here: or go to and click on the correct album!
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