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Photo Caption: ****Part two check other photo for part 1**** And as his words continued to flow, so did his humor as well as his ability to motivate. I found myself wiping tears from the corners of my eyes; a little embarrassed but sure that I wasn’t the only one tearing up.
And it made me start thinking of all the people in the world that bad things happen to, this man stands before a crowd and not only tells his horrific story, but does it with a smile on his face. His zest for life, his passion for this country, and doing good for others is awe inspiring; all in spite of the things that he has overcome and the challenges he still faces. He currently is a representative for the #bootcampaign which helps wounded warriors like himself to get back on their feet, much like the GI Foundation does.
I stand to learn a lot from knowing a person like this. Especially given the path I have recently started down in an effort to help others. I am a better person for knowing him; if only just for this one day. Please follow him on IG or Twitter @johnny_joey so you too can be equally inspired.
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