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****part one**** This is Joey…

Photo Caption: ****part one**** This is Joey Jones (@johnny_joey). I am honored to have made his acquaintance today on Randy couture (@xcnatch) annual GI Foundation Poker Bike Run. I didn’t know his story at the point when I met him but it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day around his positive attitude and charismatic personality in spite of an injury that would have sunk most people in a deep depression for possibly the rest of their lives.
After the Bike Run that took us into California &back, we arrived to Stoney’s and I grabbed this photo with him. Little did I know that in less than an hour of the shutter snap, this impressive young man would make me cry.
Randy introduced Joey to the room & he was welcomed w/loud cheers & clapping. His smile didn’t leave his face as he began his story which he managed to make humorous throughout. He served our country in the #USMC in both #Iraq & #Afghanistan as an EOD Technician. He and his partner were called in one morning at 7 am to dismantle an IED. It was business as usual-got their job done, & were chatting about personal stuff after. He leaned against a wall and then his whole life changed. He lost both his legs in that IED explosion; his partner was not so lucky. His partner escaped seemingly unscathed, only to pass later on from severe brain trauma. ****to be continued look for part 2****

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