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There’s a little place in…

Photo Caption: There’s a little place in China town, #NewYork called the Dumpling House. For any of you who know me, you know I should have been born Asian. (Wait, what?)Lol but for real I’m addicted to Asian food and eat it almost daily!
The tiny spot is located at Eldridge and Grand and is just off the brown J line. Every time I have been the place has been wall to wall packed in spite of the street itself being relatively quiet. Standing room only!
The menu has a lot to offer but really people go for the dumplings which were 4 for $1. Pan fried pork dumplings are the fave. 2 orders of those, 1 order of boiled pork dumplings, a sesame pork sandwich and 2 bottles of water came to $10 and fed both me and my friend Matt @sobeksemper yesterday.
After a brief wait, Matt and I took our food to go and escaped to the park nearby to enjoy the yummy morsels.
This place has become a Must visit for me every time I’m in NYC-if you get a chance your should too!
#foodie #NewYorkCity #NewYork #chinatown #mma #fighting #Asian #Chines

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