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Can youbelieve he’s 58 doing…

Photo Caption: Can youbelieve he’s 58 doing hand stand push ups?

Diamond Dallas Page Yoga Wrestlemania Seminar was held at the Holiday Inn West Bank on Friday afternoon on Wrestlemania Weekend in New Orleans. DDP’s Yoga system has changed the lives of so many people including wrestler, Jake the Snake Roberts! You can view all the transformations on their website:
We got a chance to grab some photos of the charismatic former wrestler’s group seminar on Friday night where his motivating words did not stop at yoga, he continued into diet as well as positive motivation.

On a side note, we are starting to see more and more fighters in the MMA industry turn to yoga and pilates for additional cross training in their camps.

Check out all of the photos here: or go to and click on the appropriate album!

Thank you to @ddpyoga & @thebritpage for everything this weekend!!! #wrestlemania30 #wrestlemania #wwe #NOLA #neworleans #ddpyoga #happybirthday #birthday #yesyesyes #houseofblues #health #fitness #yoga

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