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I’m always torn about promoting…

Photo Caption: I’m always torn about promoting through social media when you do charity for people. So I’m not posting this because I expect a pat on the back or anything along those lines. The reason I’m posting this is that I hope that people think twice about the excess they have and sharing it with others.

I’m hoping that I can inspire people to do good as @TJLavin @baha2fresh &others who continually inspire me daily.
Thank you @americantopteam for including me in your family dinner last night and also thank you for humoring my demands to not let all of the food (prob enough for 15-20 more people at least) go to waste.
I was distraught a couple weeks ago in my confusion within myself on how to help people and not that I’ve found the solution, but I at least realize now that I’m aware and am on the look out going forward.
Thank you @mmaheat for posting this as I probably wouldn’t have posted it on my own. And thank you for helping me go in search of hungry mouths to share the food with.

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