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Any Canadians want to marry me??

Any Canadians want to marry me??

Who hasn't signed up for health insurance under the Obamacare Act like me?

Any Canadians want to marry me?? You guys seem to have this healthcare thing down pat!

Ok.. I have to admit that I tend to tune out a lot when it comes to politics and all the horrible things happening in the world. It’s like an overload of negativity in our faces at every turn between tv, radio, internet and those little portable devices in our grubby little hands or attached to our sides at all times.. It seems that I have reached a deadline though, that I need to pay attention (even if for just a brief moment) and make a decision on something that’s going to cost me a lot of money and that I no longer have a choice on…

I realize that health insurance is a necessary evil and the only reason I say evil is because for the last 10 years I have gone without health insurance save a year here and there when the opportunity presented itself.. By doing so, I imagine I save upwards of about $30,000 dollars or more. I realize that 10 years have not been without risk, but it’s always seemed to make more sense to pay out of pocket if I needed medical treatments..

Now, i’m great at doing research online and while I haven’t been paying full attention to everything going on, I do know that the final day to get insurance without being penalized is upon us. So I have started to google- and look at different plans and coverage options.. And the results I have come up with are not fantastic..

My research about the law itself and it’s deadlines.. So I don’t know the actual date that I have to have insurance by. I originally thought it was December 14th, but that has come and gone.. Then today I say that its supposed to be 4 days from yesterday so I assume that means Monday? On top of it- there are so many articles all saying all different things it’s so difficult as a consumer to delve through and figure out what is right and what is wrong!!!

So I figure out that I need insurance by Monday, so I start researching plans. I go to the Nevada HealthCare website, but I also search for private insurance carriers on my own. I think I’m going to have to go through a private carrier because I don’t know my login to the healthcare website; I had set it up months ago but none of my passwords are working. I asked them to email me my password over 12 hours ago now, and I still have yet to receive anything..

In the private plans I was looking at- I’m seeing deductibles of $3k, $5k, $7.5k and $10k!!! Are you friggin’ serious??? I could just pay $120 bucks and get a plan that I never look at and live like I was all along. But that’s almost $1.5k a year I would be shelling out to be almost no different than before.. A $500 deductible seems almost unheard of, unless I want to shell out $500 a month for the plan.. It’s all so frustrating!!

Within all the research I’m doing and all of the updates in my newsfeeds, I then spot this article called, “Obama Repeals Obamacare”.. Wait, what?? Can he do that? That’s like making up a story as you go along, but in this case it’s with the laws, and our lives. And among it all, I’m hearing story after story of people who’s lives are being destroyed by this act; people who will not be able to get the medicines that they need to survive because their new insurance plans no longer cover it. A friend signed up for private insurance that was supposedly within Obamacare guidelines two months ago, and a month later received cancellation notice on their brand new policy..

The idea of everyone having health insurance no matter what the preexisting condition may be is ideally great. But it’s the rest of the country that’s having to pick up the slack out of pocket to make up for it. This is making me want to marry a Canadian and move to Canada.. Any takers??

I’d love to hear what experiences everyone else is going through.. And tell me if you think that something has got to give??

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  1. Yes Obama care doesn’t help young people at all. High deductibles, high costs to have but get this:

    doctors and hospitals don’t have to accept it either.

    Many hospitals won’t. The ones that do imagine the wait times, and what level of health care you will get.

    My advice:

    Pay the penalty if you don’t have ant major problems.

    Up the medical insurance on your auto policy. Yes if u get in a car accident u can use it.

    Also same with renters or homeowners policy. Get hurt at home covered as with car that takes alot of risk away and will only cost about 30 a month.

    Oboma care has already flapped and will Continue to. Young people are not signing up only poor, sick and old. So it will flop. My predictions are the date will be pushed forward but Yes Dec 23 is deadline for Jan 1st coverage.I also think new plans will come in effect this year like high major medical ppo types to get young peopl.

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