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I have a fun job;…

Photo Caption: I have a fun job; I know this and for that I am thankful.. Last night I did a job for @solutions_rcvry which is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation campus located on the west side of Las Vegas. I sometimes never know what my gigs are going to be like until I get there but for the most part they’re all a lot of fun and last night was no different; Their event included food and a comedy show.

Going into a Rehab center, you really may wonder what it is that you are going to see/experience. And right off the bat I ran into the Spang brothers, Chris and @Andreasspang who many of you know are well known Swedish MMA Fighters who reside in Las Vegas..They explained that they come in and teach boxing there on the campus to many of the participants… And, when I say campus, I really mean that by the way. They have multiple buildings including an on site gym, hair salon, musical therapy center, and more.. It was great to meet everyone that I did last night and awesome to see the comedy of Mark Lundholm who helps people through their drug/alcohol addictions. I had a lot of fun. thank you to President Dave Marlon for hiring me, as well as @jockinjb for the referral.. I really had a great time and look forward to working with you more in the future!

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