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Pics are up!  @wolfmate @tjlavin…

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The Jason Ellis Show at the Hard Rock Pool- took their show on the road to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for Ellismania 9. In true Ellis fashion a shit show went down with guest hosts including professional snowboarder, The Dingo, MMA Fighter/TV Personality, Kit Cope, & BMX Rider/TV Personality, TJ Lavin.. The show at the pool included a Little Miss Ellis contest with it’s customary male contestant, as well as a number of fitness competitions, and guest star, TV Host, Kenda Perez from the Best of Pride & more. The 4 hour show was highly entertaining and we were on hand to shoot photos of it all!! http://combatlifestyle.com/2013/10/the-jason-ellis-show-at-the-hard-rock-pool

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