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Inspirator of the Day: RC Concepcion

So where do I start when it comes to RC Concepcion?? Up until recently he was just an artist/photographer I had admired online and through Google+.. I had come across his books in the book store when trying to teach myself more photography techniques, and even talked to him in a google hangout on a few occasions. His work had always impressed me but I had left it at that.

Fast forward to last month when I had a chance to meet him at the Las Vegas PAC Meet up at Roadrunner on the west side of town.. I signed up to go but when it came down to going, I was at a friends BBQ and felt like if I went I would be elbowing people out of the way just to talk to him.. The event started at 730, and come 8pm, I said, eff it, I’m going.. So drove over and the room was filled with about 40 people all hanging on every word of his presentation. I had missed over half of it!!! I stuck around afterward to say hello and introduce myself and boy, am I so glad that I did!!

I am now happy to call RC my friend.. He has been totally generous in giving me tips and tricks to improve my photography as well as introducing me to all kinds of new photography peers in some of the top photographers in the industry.. On top of it all, he is an absolute character and so fun to be around. I look forward to more learning and stories in the future!!

Please take a moment to check him out and his work and follow him!!

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