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This is Rosanne Finn. She is a victim of Hurricane Sandy.

I say IS in present tense because although the disaster was 6 months ago, she has been living in a house that was destroyed w/ no hope of repair. Until now. She applied to the charity, Statenstrong.com and was approved based on need and urgency. Her house repairs are now going to be taken care of by the non profit that was put together by Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy and friends of his that were affected in the area. He lucked out- damage went 1.5 miles in from the shore and his house sits 1.9 miles away. He spent much of the aftermath helping neighbors clear trash and debris and somewhere along the way came up with the idea for the charity. Roseanne’s house will be there 3rd to fix up I believe, with more being worked on and money raised until they are all taken care of. Chris Weidman lost his house in the same disaster so was more than willing to join up and be a part in every way he can in spite of it being Staten Island instead of his home, Long Island. Roseanne was much at a loss for words while we were there staring wide eyed at all the commotion going on. It was a real treat to see. 🙂

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