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Renato Laranja Picks up on Miesha Tate

Renato Laranja uses his best moves and broken english to try and pick up on Miesha Tate when she drops by Renzo Gracie’s academy in Manhattan…

Watch the video here:

We met up with Miesha Tate in Manhattan and spent the day wandering around with her. We grabbed some pizza and then stopped by Renzo Gracie BJJ to say hello to Ottavia Bourdain who was there training with Renato Laranja. We met up with Bryan Caraway later, and hit up some thai in Hell’s Kitchen, and then we finished the night with some Pinkberry.

Check out the photos here: http://combatlifestyle.com/pics/view_album.php?id=3283

And if you wanna see my interview with Miesha in front of Madison Square Garden, you can watch it here:

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