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Instagram Adds Photo Tagging to it’s arsenal! Learn how to turn it on now!

So finally Instagram has added something that we have all been wanting- Photo Tagging!!! It’s not automatically gonna be available for 2 more weeks so if you want it now you have to go to the App Store or Play store and download the newest version of Instagram, 3.5..

Once you have upgraded, all you have to do is hit the link with the 3 dots that’s under every picture that you post.. As seen in the photo below.

photo (5)

Then click on “add people”

photo (4)

Click on a person’s face and then type their name. This part seems to be a little quirky, sometimes it autopopulates, some times you have to know the person’s screen name or full name.

photo (3)

It will have their names on their faces when you are done. Hit the green save button. Once they switch over to 3.5 they will get a notification of being tagged. The photo will also be added to a gallery on their profile page.


To activate your photo gallery prior to May 16th, go to your profile page and you will see a fourth link has been added to your links.. The one on the far right with a tag, and a person inside the tag.

photo (1)

Once clicked, here is your gallery of images that you are tagged in. I tagged myself as you can see..

photo (2)

And there you have it! Photo tagging in Instagram!!

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