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This older woman sits down next to me..

at the train station so I smile and say hello. She starts asking if I’m an artist referring to the camera over my shoulder. As the train arrives we choose seats next to each other on the train and continue our conversation. I ask where she lives and she mentions she’s homeless but will be getting married next year. As we are talking, a young kid gets on the train with a dog in tow and starts telling the whole car how hungry he is and asked everyone for change. Damn if I wasn’t surprised when the lady I had been talking to reached into her pocket and handed him some change. He left and our conversation continued on about the crocheting she tries to sell to make money; never once did she try to sell me on it or ask me for money. As I left the train at my stop I handed her a few dollars I had in my pocket and thanked her for the lovely conversation. I snapped a pic as I walked out the door. Why is it that the ones in need are always the first to give what they do not even have??

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